13 Involved in Indian Sex Trade Arrested

Just this Thursday, eight women and five male customers were arrested in Koraput. This follows a large police bust the day before of an inter-state sex ring in Nabarangpur.

According to the IIC of Nabarangpur’s police force, Ramesh Candra Bisoi, all eight women were put through medical examinations before appearing in front of the court. Of the women, two are Chhattisgarh residents.

The ages of the women range between mid-twenties and early-thirties, and police state that all eight have confessed to their crime. During the raid in Koraput, there were a few suspicious objects and 24,640 Rupee that were found.

IIC Bisoi says the leader of the ring is a woman who ran the services from inside her own home. According to findings during the bust, the business was well-organized and highly profitable. Both locals and people living far away regularly visited the home.

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Europe Boosts its Sex Trade Game with Popular New Escort Agency

europe sex tradeThe former E Designers Ltd owners have moved their prosperous prostitution company, Escorts Ireland, away from London to avoid prosecution. They have since opened various websites of the same variety all across popular European countries.

Audrey Campbell, chief executive of the company and Irish native, has stated that Escorts Ireland has been moved to Spain for the time being. The country’s open-mindedness to adult-related businesses and efficient taxation is what attracted the company to its new home, according to Campbell.
The company is now known as Lazarus Trading SL, yet has not disclosed which markets it would be expanding its services to. For now, the information we have is that there are 30 multi-lingual employees working at its brand-new headquarters. However, we were not told the actual location of said headquarters.

Campbell and her partner Peter McCormick, formerly convicted of operating a brothel in the 1990s and an ex-RUC reserve constable, currently run the company. McCormick’s adult son Mark was also convicted and imprisoned for over a year in 2010 for the exact same charge.

According to the Sunday Independent, Campbell told them that Escorts Ireland currently holds various foreign websites that are non-related to adult entertainment. The company further preferred Spain as its new home, due to its beneficial taxation for companies and multi-lingual working population. Campbell has nothing but praise for Spain, claiming that the country could offer the company high success, all the while retaining the various advantages its regular clients expect.

The workforce at the new headquarters include both multi-lingual Spaniards and previous E Designer Ltd employees from the London offices.
Escorts Ireland’s recent move reflects a popular trend of prostitution moving towards online platforms. Just last month, The Economist magazine published a piece on international sex trade using the Internet to find loopholes in anti-prostitution laws and prosecution. It seems that “analog” services like sex clubs are suffering under the popularity of online escort services, and even more due to independent escorts who hold more power over their responsibilities than ever before. The same article states that fully legal sex clubs in the Netherlands has fallen quite a bit in just the past four years or so, and the culprits behind their slump are online services.

According to Dr Graham Ellison, a sociologist from Queen’s University, Ireland’s 1994 ban on advertising prostitution has not made much of an impact. In the article, Ellison claims that companies find other ways and jurisdictions to fulfil their needs and offer their services.
The Economist states that technology allows for information and requests between buyers and sellers to be extremely simple, further improving customer service and satisfaction. It’s also easier for escorts to assess and warn fellow prostitutes of aggressive and violent clients, as well as easily share health checks before accepting a new client. Escorts can easily handle their own business with personal websites and easily build up their clientele online.

Due to the various improvements of the sex trade online services provide, Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald has suggested that she wishes to pass stricter laws on paying for sex. Fitzgerald claims that the knowledge of asylum-seeking minors easily getting into the sex trade has pushed her decision even further. As of now, paying for sex is not yet illegal, while offering sex for money is.

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Sugar Daddies – The New Provider of Financial Aid?

And older man browses through pictures of younger women on a popular Internet dating website.

Seeking Arrangement, a well-known Internet dating website, specializes in setting up mutually desirable relationships between younger female students and wealthy men who are quite older. Though this is somewhat of a dating site, the company never mentions anything about sexual relations between the parties involved.

The following situation, or those thematically similar, are prevalent among Seeking Arrangement members:

Amanda, a Princeton University senior, receives a text message late at night from 60-something-year-old Stephen, a successful Wall Street banker. Stephen requests that Amanda visit him at his NYC apartment urgently; we only assume what his motives are.

However, seeing as it’s close to midnight and public transportation has already ceased, Amanda messages him back to say she’s unable to get herself to the apartment. Stephen is a man of many resources, and promptly replies that he’ll send a private limo to pick her up.

At this point, Amanda agrees to the visit, as long as she is back at school in time for her morning class. Once they meet, Stephen and Amanda have a lovely dinner at a luxury restaurant, have sex, then do some late night home decorating (as you do after sex). Once the date commenced, Amanda was dropped back off at Princeton with barely enough time to get ready for class.

This isn’t the first date Amanda has gotten off of Seeking Arrangement. The website would call Amanda the “sugar baby,” a young and attractive woman seeking financial comfort; Stephen would be the “sugar daddy,” the wealthy older man. Following this theme, the most important aspect of a man’s profile on Seeking Arrangement is his net worth, a number shown right at the top of the page. Usually, income amounts over $5 million attract the most views and messages.

Seeking Arrangement advertises itself as being a matchmaker for “mutually beneficial relationships,” where the benefits of both partners differ quite a bit. The female students receive luxuries and material extravagances such as tuition money, fancy dates, beautiful vacations, etc. The website doesn’t talk about sex at all, but we can only assume that sex and the companionship associated with these dates are exactly what men like Stephen expect.

As a woman, becoming a member on the website is quite simple. She simply requires an .edu email account to verify that she is indeed a current student, and will immediately obtain free premium status. Men, on the other hand, must pay up to $1,200 for this exorbitance.

A James Madison University professor named Tammy Castle states her opinion quite bluntly – the women on Seeking Arrangement are simply escorts. Castle’s research comprises of studying various data and content available on known escort companies. She claims that Seeking Arrangement advertises itself as an online dating site in order to rid themselves of the adverse connotations often associated with prostitution, but is simply a matchmaker between men who are willing to pay for what everyone assumes includes sex.

Seeking Arrangement prefers that young students register on their website, a predilection evident by their free premium membership offer to any woman who registers with their .edu email account. The company claims that 44 percent of their “sugar babies” in 2013 comprised of active university students. Other young women who desire the same treatment are subject to fees up to $1,200, or else simply receive basic membership.

The way the website avoids prostitution accusations is by stating that sexual intercourse is not a requirement of these dates, but rather a natural occurrence. Anyone who works for the company would not claim otherwise, as they do not wish to associate themselves with an escort service. For this reason, Seeking Arrangement appreciates the vast number of college students registered on its website. This creates an illustration that the website is filled with intelligent women who know exactly what they’re doing, and older men who don’t seek to simply exploit them for sex.

According to the director of Daddies Date Babies, Parinda Wanitwat, the men who find dates on this website are able to fulfil their ultimate fantasies – women who are young, beautiful, and intelligent. Wanitwat has come to this conclusion after examining many student “sugar babies” all around NYC.

The young woman mentioned above, Amanda, states that most of the “sugar daddies” that message her on Seeking Arrangement make sure to comment how intelligent and well-spoken she sounds through her profile page. Up until now, Amanda has met over fifty successful men through the company, most of whom are high-ranking business executives that have no qualms about excessively showering her with luxuries.younger women escort sugar babies

Sarah, A recent college graduate and another member of Seeking Arrangement, explains that the staggering number of messages she received through the website was shocking. As a curvy Southeast Asian girl, Sarah didn’t expect all the welcomed appreciation she felt. To her, it seemed most men would be attracted to the typical tanned Barbie-type girls who overwhelmed the website.

This was a useless concern, as Sarah ended up with plenty of dates through Seeking Arrangement. A 27-year-old graduate from NYC named Sophie also did quite well. Alternatively, Sophie is (self-claimed) a pretentious nerd-type with curly brown hair.

Sophie says that men on Seeking Arrangement favour intellect over appearance. She says that she received many messages from men who liked her for her brain and avoided women who looked like “bimbos”. Amanda also claims the same, and states that “sugar daddies” want their dates to be able to carry a solid conversation about their work. They want the complete “girlfriend experience,” where both partners can be equal in the relationship. This way, the men are able to convince themselves that their dates like them for their personality assets, much more than their financial ones.

There are, of course, many men who utilize the website solely for sex. However, there are more who appreciate the extra aspects of the dates as well. Most of the men on Seeking Arrangement want company for work events, business trips, social parties, etc. However, the most important component a man finding a date through this website relies on is a young woman who can make them feel appreciated and can offer support. These men wish to purposely remain ignorant of the financial element of the dates, meeting “sugar babies” who will go out of their way to make the relationship feel real. Most of the women who were interviewed said they preferred to bring up payment naturally during conversation, and only one woman said she requested a certain amount upfront.

In fact, some women claimed that making payment sound more natural and subtle caused the men to provide them with even more than expected. Rebecca, a NYU sophomore, was the type to ask about fees right at the very beginning. She found that this led to her receiving far less money than any of her friends on the website, so she changed her attitude about payment. Once she stopped mentioning the fees and allowed the men to suggest amounts themselves, the amounts of money proved to be far larger than before.

Amanda never blatantly asks for money as well. She simply waits for the relationship to get a bit more natural, and the men provide her with funds on their own accords. Most of the time, Amanda finds that men prefer providing her with credit cards rather than direct cash. She says it seems more casual, as if they were supporting an actual girlfriend. It’s also easier for the women as well, as gaining credit cards make it a lot easier to ignore the dates as being transactions.

sugar baby rather than escort serviceDirector Wanitwat also noticed this method of transaction, explaining that men find it difficult to discuss money. According to Wanitwat, overtly going over specific fees kills the fantasy of the “girlfriend experience,” and the men find it harder to delude themselves into thinking these young women don’t have financial motives to date them.

As mentioned, the women find credit cards to be far more preferable as well. There are apparently many college students who are registered on Seeking Arrangement, especially from NYU or Columbia University. Many of these students seek dates in order to pay their expensive tuition and book fees, and this website seems more legitimate and a whole lot safer than any other option they might have. Also, since the website advertises itself as a mutually beneficial online dating site, the girls are able to think about the transactions less as prostitution and more like dating.

After noticing the statistics of college students and the men who actively seek out college students on this website, we must consider the strong possibility that these relationships were not simply for sexual reasons. It may be that Seeking Arrangement members truly sought companionship and good conversation in addition to the physical intimacy.

Everyone has a common image in their heads when thinking of who high-end escorts are – Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. They assume these are desperate young women who seek out luxuries over what they consider to be more demeaning jobs, or simply jobs that don’t pay even a small portion of what their dates can provide them.

At first, you wouldn’t assume college-education women with long futures ahead of them to be the top candidates for this job, and Seeking Arrangement has capitalized on that same surprise. These women, who normally wouldn’t associate themselves with escort services, find it much easier to join the website due to its subtle advertising, while the men find that educated young women are ideal for companionship. Seeking Arrangement has attempted to make this type of arrangement much more socially acceptable.

It attempts to convey with its large college student population that the dates aren’t unscrupulous, but rather real dates that simply add financial gain into the mix. With this advertising, the website seeks to avert accusations of it being a fancy escort service.

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Arklow, Wicklow, Ireland – Escorts start advertising for clients

This week three ladies working as escorts have openly admitted that they will be advertising their services to clients and operating in two country towns of Wicklow.  Two of these three escorts advertised that they will be working from Arklow until the following Sunday after arriving in the town on Monday.

The third lady advertised her services, operating form Bray on Wednesday having also working on Tuesday. The escort also stated that she will be moving to Newlands after this for five days.

ndependant escorts irelandOne of the ladies operating from Arklow, advertises herself as 21 years old, blue eyed blonde of Czech nationality. This escort lists her services on her advertisement and states that her English is good. She boasts the clients will not only love her body and beauty but personality too. She goes on to state that she has a very sweet nature, positive outlook on life and is always smiling. Before you think butter would not melt in her mouth she goes on to state that she reserves the right to refuse her service to any client at any time, so you had better be on your best behavior.

This escort is available 24 hours a day and expects clients to call her for prices and to introduce themselves. She also provides shower facilities, short sessions (30 minutes) and dinner dates. Prices may vary at different times of the day, night time prices will normally be higher.

The second lady working from Arklow is presented as a 24 year old from Spain, presumed Spanish. She does not say much about what she looks like, only that she is very hot, hot, hot. But that is not too hard to imagine being from Spain! She also provides shower facilities, short sessions, dinner dates and expects clients to call her to set up a date. Nighttime rates will also be higher.

The escort working from Bray is a 32 year old lady from Ireland. She describes herself as being leggy, very busty and just plain naughty. She has shower facilities but does not supply any drinks. Her rates are from 100 euro for 30 minutes – 180 euro for one hour. Services include dinner dates by request and night time appointments are welcome.

The source website firmly states that escorts do not charge for sex only for time and companionship and that if anything of a sexual nature was to occur during the appointment that this is between two or more consenting adults.

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